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After ten years as the CEO of Inspire Community Network Foundation, Kate Ekanem, also now...
North Central: Ushafa Market Women Mobilization
When it comes to politics, women's voices and participation are still largely missing even though...
North-West: Training Women in Technology Entrepreneurship
While it seems like the world of technology entrepreneurship is largely dominated by men, like...
Invaluable Volunteering Skills you Need
Invaluable Volunteering Skills you need On the journey to becoming a volunteer, you must first...
Offering Help Never Goes Out of Fashion; True or True?
Offering Help never goes out of fashion This remains one of our latent motivations for...
Healing the World
Taking a quick drive through a typical rural Nigerian setting would quickly expose the massive...
Thinking of Volunteering? What to look for in top NGOs
Volunteering is a classic form of giving, as you give up your time, your energy...
3 Ways Volunteering can change your Life
Starting off your journey as a volunteer is almost always geared towards changing another person's...
Raising True ICONs
At Inspire Community Network (ICON) we focus on rural community development, advocacy for girls' education,...






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At ICON, a volunteer is more than an individual simply interested in community development, a volunteer is a family; member of a chain of change-makers united by a single mission. ICON volunteers are critical thinkers, and independent decision-makers, guided by a supportive leadership structure to ensure success in community development.

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