3 Ways Volunteering can change your Life

Starting off your journey as a volunteer is almost always geared towards changing another person’s life or touching lives, however, how this humanitarian act of volunteering can change your life is in most cases unexpected. Making out time to help bolster a worthy course, meeting people at their critical points of need is never without a good measure of personal sacrifice, but guess what? It’s always rewarding and here is how.

You get to understand people better: Volunteering can literally serve as an uncertified crash-course on human psychology. An easy way to truly understand people better is figuring out what they need the most per time and this pretty sums up your day job as a volunteer. If you truly want to understand people, volunteering is one guaranteed path to mastery of the workings of the human mind.

picture of a nigerian volunteer doing school outreach

You learn practical and transferable skills: Regardless of the scope of your volunteer work, you learn and learn even more! Volunteering exposes you to application of administrative and operational work tools in achieving your volunteer objectives at an organized pace. So in a nutshell, your drive to help people indirectly and effectively pushes you to grow new skills or sharpen already acquired skills.

picture of an icon volunteer empowering a community

You enjoy the ‘good karma’: no good deed goes unrewarded and you can bet it’s not just in heaven. It’s not uncommon to hear stories of strange help encountered by volunteers outside of their volunteer work. This is testament to the fact that the universe has its way of balancing things out. The good deeds of your volunteer work could speak (in the most unconnected way) for you when you need help the most.

Whatever point you find yourself, whether currently as a volunteer or in the process of becoming one, it’s important to have a mindset to help and improve the lives of others. You can begin your volunteering journey here at ICON and be sure to touch lives.