4Es Framework



Rural communities are often confronted with challenges beyond their control and comprehension. Food insecurity, climate change, lack of power supply, clean water, or access to basic health care. Constrained by major obstacles such as language barriers, limited resources, illiteracy, and oppressive cultural factors, it can be difficult to accept opportunities when it comes. Our volunteers are residents of the communities they approach. They are trained to approach each challenge with open minds to learn from their community members and create evidence-based solutions that resonate with the community’s needs. At ICON, an Empowerment program is a collaborative process between the volunteers and their communities.


Our educational programs advocate for (not just education) but quality education for rural children, especially young girls who are influenced into early marriages or denied fundamental human rights. Our targets are a combination of classroom and community-based because often, the most vulnerable ones don’t have access to classrooms. We implement an educational module that promotes cognitive, socio-emotional, and behavioral self-expression.


We design and implement business workshops for local women from diverse underrepresented and marginalized communities. Our programs utilize community resources to inspire business products and ensure financial independence for beneficiaries.


Annual Art and Cultural projects (Ibom International Art and Book Festival (global) Authors Talk (Nigeria) and NSA Artist and Writers  Residency (US) are the founder’s brainchild, mostly focused on creating spaces and opportunities for emerging and widely marginalized writers and artists in marginalized communities.

Author’s Talk

Lagos Author’s Talk is an annual signature event that gathers emerging writers and established authors on a roundtable to discuss the craft of writing, publishing, and other topics related to creative art and writers.

This one-day event aims at uplifting and promoting emerging writers, providing opportunities for the utilization of their writing skills, and fostering an expansion of the network of writers and publishers from Lagos city.

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IBOM International Arts and Book Festival

A story is a reflection of a culture, tradition, heritage, and people, but the absence of mainstream diverse cultural representation in stories and arts equals the absence or unawareness of the existence of people. Ibom International Art and Book Festival is the first global festival of literature and arts with a specific focus on global underrepresented cultures. The Festival gathers more than 1000 storytellers, historians, researchers, writers, poets, artists, filmmakers, students, book lovers, and cultural enthusiasts to dialogue and celebrate creativity and diversity through panel discussions, book chats, and readings, art exhibitions, workshops, book fairs, documentaries, exhibitions, cultural and poetry performances, and mini concerts.

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