Author’s Talk 2021: Exploring Authenticity in African Writing

Author’s Talk is an annual event at Inspire Community Network. This year, we were interested in the conversation surrounding African Writers and Authenticity.

Ngugi believes that African literature must be written in an African language to be considered Authentic, but Achebe thinks “English is a viable tool and writers must consider the expediency and competence of the language, hence his statement: I have been given this language that is English and I intend to use it.”

The subthemes that were talked on included:

  • -Revisiting the Transition from Oral Tradition to Written Text

  • -The English Language and the African Writer

  • -The Problem with International Literary Gatekeepers

  • -Exploring the Impact of  Criticisms and Rejections

Below are some of the pictures from the event.

Icon authors talk 2021
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