Creating Lasting Opportunities

With a staggering unemployment rate of 33.28% (2020), inequality in wealth distribution, and a hard pressing stiff economic situation as witnessed in Africa’s largest economy, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there is a huge opportunity gap in Nigeria needs to address. To make matters worse, in the labor market today we have massive under-employment which means that many Nigerians struggle to earn the minimum wage which is pegged at #30,000.

Statistics of unemployment in Nigeria

For a young population of over a 200million people, these data spelled out raise a growing concern for the likely increase in crime rate, untapped potentials, and widespread poor standard of living which all culminate to hampering prospects of the much needed progressive economy. As an NGO that cares, Inspired community network (ICON) is a key stakeholder in identifying available opportunities and matching such with individuals in various communities that really need them. An example of this is our flagship event, the Ibom art and book festival which is aimed at projecting the Nigerian Art and literary communities, especially hugely untapped potentials in the South-south of Nigeria. We are simply keen on giving the voiceless a voice and helping them positively contribute to growing their families sustainably and impacting the economy at large.

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