How can I volunteer in Nigeria?

Thinking of volunteering in Nigeria? It’s first important to understand the top challenges facing this most populous black nation that require humanitarian attention. The North-eastern part of Nigeria is facing a massive war against terrorism and banditry which has driven up internally displaced people (IDPs) to a massive 2.7million people (2020), which makes Nigeria burdened with the 3rd largest number of IDPs in Africa. On the other hand, there are not so many economic opportunities that abound which has led to an unemployment rate above 30% amidst widespread underemployment.

With a basic understanding of the key challenges, where do your skills or passion meet? Do you have a passion to help people that find themselves in the most vulnerable situations or do you have an entrepreneurial mindset that can help people leverage on available resources around them to sustainably earn a living? Either way, this will help you narrow down the thematic areas of the type of NGO (non-governmental organization) you should be considering volunteering in.

Picture showing volunteers in Nigeria

So finally, armed with the knowledge of the needs on ground especially as it meets your specific area of passion, you can now hit the ground running and take that much-needed bold step. Here at ICON, we are passionate about communities and the people that make up these communities and over the years we have had a broad-scale impact on thousands of lives. Without a doubt, we are open to volunteers from all around the world from different regions and races, we are all about diversity and inclusion. Our goal is to continuously identify change-makers and motivate their interest to develop their communities and other communities.

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