Raising True ICONs

Raising True ICONS

Where are the role models?

One of the profound issues affecting the African continent is poor leadership and this deep-rooted problem is further exacerbated by a plethora of weak institutions in the continent.

The consequence of this, is widespread poverty, bare-faced corruption, and inequality in African society.

At Inspire Community Network (ICON) we focus on rural community development, advocacy for girls’ education, women empowerment, youth development, and art/cultural development in all six geopolitical regions of Nigeria. We implement these interventions under the umbrella of our Framework 4 Es: Empowerment, Education, Entrepreneurship, and Engagement.

picture of icon volunteers in a community outreach

One of our most invaluable tools to achieve our goals is by creating practical connections between role models and the common man. We believe that bridging this gap will help curtail the leadership deficit in Africa, one community at a time.

We identify role models in various spheres of life and strategically connect them with those that need their wealth of knowledge and experience the most. We don’t stop there as we empower people directly by providing access to education and entrepreneurial opportunities; both of which are veritable tools for sustainable wealth generation