Thinking of Volunteering? What to look for in top NGOs

If you are reading this article, it most likely means that you are one step closer to committing yourself into a volunteer engagement. You deserve some accolades, so let’s first congratulate you for taking this bold step to try to make a difference in the world by offering a helping hand to those most in need. Volunteering is a classic form of giving, as you give up your time, your energy and a whole lot more. From a career growth perspective, volunteering the right way and in the right organization can help you develop your skills, build a rich network and hone both interpersonal and leadership skills.

So this brings us to the question of the day; how does one identify the right organization to pitch their volunteering tent on? What are does key elements that helps one identify a top NGO that will ensure a mutually benefitting volunteer work?

ICON volunteer on a community outreach

To answer these questions, here are a few nuggets to bear in mind, as these will help you assess top NGOs to volunteer and work in.

  • Clear objectives, organizational goals and thematic areas
  •  Clear organizational structures
  •  Clear work expectations and contracts
  •  What are people saying (the prevailing word-of-mouth) about this NGO?
  •  Evidences of NGO work and humanitarian footprints

In conclusion, beyond what we believe here at ICON, we see ourselves as the best place to volunteer in as we don’t take your volunteer work for granted and we ensure you get the best volunteer experience. This is what makes us a top NGO to volunteer in.