Community Development (CD)

ICON’s Community Development programs are explicitly designed to create a tangible, positive impact within communities. CDs are measured through increased community cohesion, improved economic prospects, and enhanced social well-being.
CD 1: Economic Development

Rural communities are confronted with challenges beyond their immediate control. They have specific needs. They suffer food insecurity, climate disasters, power outage, impotable water or access to basic health care. Our youth volunteers are residents in these communities and know these issues firsthand. Therefore we collaborate with them to co-design sustainable, needs-based solutions for their most pressing issues. At ICON, economic development is a synergic process between ICON and the youth, and the youth and their communities.

CD 2: Education

We advocate for institutional policies that improve access to quality education for young people aged 5-17 from low-income, underserved, and rural communities in regional Nigeria. We promote inclusive learning spaces and equity across geographical and gender boundaries. We design programs that enhance opportunities for these communities to benefit from learning resources, WASH, curriculum reform and infrastructure renovations.

CD 3: Advocacy

Our advocacy spans numerous crucial issues that affect our communities including child bride rites, female genital mutilation, child labor, human trafficking, climate change, mental health and substance use, sexual assault, and violence against women. We raise awareness of root causes, draw public support, and mobilize stakeholders and local communities to take action on a local, state, federal, regional, and international level.

Arts and Culture (AC)

We envision a world where storytelling and art transcend borders, celebrating individual and collective experiences while bridging the gaps between diverse cultures. We strive to make marginalized stories and artistic expressions visible, appreciated, and celebrated, breaking barriers that have historically hindered their recognition in mainstream literary and visual art platforms.

AC 1: Lagos Artists and Authors Talk (LAAT)

LAAT is an annual literary and arts program aimed at bolstering platforms for emerging and established visual artists and creative writers to dialogue, network and exchange ideas that transcend cultural and artistic settings.

AC 2: Ibom International Arts and Book Festival (IIABF)

Ibom International Arts and Book Festival creates an inclusive and nurturing space for literary and visual artists, providing opportunities for professional growth and intercultural exchange. Through our program activities and events, the festival empower early to mid-career writers and visual artists, fostering a progressive community of creatives who challenge norms, explore history, and preserve cultural values.

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